Sunday, July 1, 2007

Update 6:45PM HST

Cell phone call from Bill. They are off Palos Verdes headed towards Pt. Furhman but it is very light air and they are lucky to make 2 kn. boat speed. First goal is to get across the shipping channel. Next goal is covering the 13.6 mi. to Pt. Furhman and another 5 to the mooring site.
From being so cold last night that they thought they were going to die to being on deck in shorts and t-shirts now has been quite a transition. As we spoke the moon had just broken the horizon so they will have plenty of light and the harbor itself is, reportedly, lit up completely.
Contact with Ric Saunders (Harbor Master) has yielded information about mooring in a slip next to Pyewacket. Ric told them that if they aren't in on their own by 10 AM he will send out a tow for them. Unless the wind dies completely they should make it sometime in the wee small hours.
Because he is not able to charge the phone, it has been turned off but Bill promised to keep me posted as I will, in turn, promise you, dear readers.

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