Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Status - July 3

Nothing like a hot shower, a good meal that you didn't have to eat on your lap and a good night's sleep to make the world look better.
Based on Richard's recommendation they replaced a small fuel filter on the engine(way down line from the major "much better" fuel filter), "bled the line" (got the air out) and wonder of wonders the engine started up and is running like a top. The main sail has been removed and is going to the sail maker to get new slugs (they run in a track on the mast to raise, lower and hold the main in place - some had broken and some pulled out.) All is falling into place as it should.
I find that my shoulders have lowered about 2" and I slept wonderfully all night. Such a fine thing to have our special people safe and comfortable again.
Next report will be when there is anything to report.
Aloha for now.

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Kimmerie said...

so glad all are in safely and the engine is working!
am profoundly hoping that karma has worked all her tricks out on the delivery, and the race itself will be a wonder.
hugs to you all,